Vision and Ethos

Our vision is to establish The Sheriff School as a highly successful, oversubscribed secondary school where outstanding teaching and learning are the norm and where high levels of achievement for all are secured by overcoming barriers to learning including through unrelenting high expectations of all students. The new school will increase the diversity of 11-18 provision and will provide much-needed high-quality new student places for Nuneaton, currently a DfE priority district for free school applications.

The Lawrence Sheriff School Academy Trust holds that a happy school is a successful school, and that happy students are better placed to achieve academic success. Central to our vision for The Sheriff School is that it will value all of its people: students, staff, parents and carers, and community members, engendering the trust that leads to a high-performance culture. Academic success will, of course, be critical in providing a secure future for our students, including access to Oxford, Cambridge and Russell Group universities; the Trust’s links with the local universities of Warwick, Coventry and Birmingham will be utilised for our students’ benefit.

Outstanding teaching and learning will be the bedrock of our offer. Staff will be respected as professionals and understand that their continuing development is central to the school’s success. The school will be a centre of excellence in its specialism subjects of Mathematics and Computing. This will not only provide essential skills for living and working in the 21st century but will also provide leverage for whole-school improvement through cross-curricular working.

Our work in the community with the local family of schools, industry and commerce, charities, agencies and higher education will reflect the inclusivity and openness which are central to our ethos, and as a result, we will contribute positively to community cohesion and be of lasting mutual benefit.

Key school expectations

We will have three key school expectations, which are common across schools within the Trust:

Respect for oneself – This will be shown by a positive and active involvement in classwork and school life. Inside the classroom, all those present will promote the learning process.

Respect for others and their culture – All members of the school community should be treated with respect. This will be shown by the way students speak with other members of the school community, and by being courteous, well-mannered and showing regard for the feelings of others.

Respect for the environment – Students will understand that they should not drop litter or damage furnishings, in order to maintain a pleasant environment in which to work. All students must abide by the uniform policy.